PCBA Special Offer

All In Price Service for Turnkey
PCBA Prototypes

Worry Parts Shortage? Bothered by Price Bargaining?

PCBAonilne makes PCBA prototype(within 20pcs) as easy as a click, never worry about part shortage and never bothers to bargain anymore!

Caused of the unstable electronic components market, many clients are facing the situation of hard-to-find components for their PCBA projects. To save our customers’ time, we PCBAonilne has launched a special solution for PCBA prototype-- All in price service.

We guarantee to accept your PCBA prototype orders at a certain price when your project qty is less than 20 pcs and meet the following conditions of PCBA Special Offer.

All in Price Conditions

  • PCB bare boards

    • 1-6 layers, Fr4 material, No buried and blind holes
    • HASL LF and ENIG available
    • board thickness from 0.6 to 2.4mm
    • Length/Width from 50mm to 500mm
  • BOM Sourcing

    • Parts Types less than 50
    • Qty less than 20 pcs
  • SMT Process

    • No BGA/QFP
    • No both sides Through-Hole


Stanford University

FFYab’s All in Price for PCBA Prototypes are brilliant! With a fixed 1000$ budget, we can get always get our PCBA boards on time. No need to worry about parts shortage again. Great Supply Chain Capability!

Please include with your order the following files in a single Zip file.

  • 1.Gerber Files

    Please include all the layers (outline, copper, solder mask, silkscreen, solder paste, etc)

  • 2.Centroid File

    Also known as pick and place file. It should include component locations, rotations and reference designators.

  • 3.Bill of Materials (BOM) in Excel format. Your BOM should include:

    • Reference designators
    • Quantity required for each component
    • Manufacturer part number
    • Part description
    • Type (SMT, Thru-Hole, BGA, etc.)
    • Package description (0805, SOlC, etc. package is very helpful but not required)


Our PCBA specialist will assist you to get your PCBA quote in a very easy and professional way.
Upload your BOM/Gerber files to start your unmatched PCBA fabrication journey now.